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My Reiki Journey

I never knew anything about the healing aspects of energy until after I had my daughter.

I never realized...

At that point I had met the most amazing woman that was there for me and guided me out of the darkness. From truly believing I was evil to truly believing I am light and able to help so many, she worked with me and taught me things, even at a time when I never understood them, I still believed because later when I grew they became more and more understandable.

I got my Reiki Level 1 and I never wanted to get it from the same person I got it from, in my heart I wanted it from my mentor. Because of the distance it wasn't possible, so spirit guided me to a place where I could get what I needed in order to help me get to the point where I could learn from my mentor.

I ended up getting my Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 from the same lady. And it just so happened a few days before my Level 2 that I met a guy on a dating site that I was about to give up on because I was so picky and not wanting anyone that was on it. I met a guy and usually men give you their numbers right away, but he didn't. We talked on the app and he actually ended up asking me out for tea (which is why I said yes, because I don't drink coffee, and no he did not know this.) So there was a sign right there for me in something so simple. I said yes and had to drive into the city where he lived. We met after I got my level 2. We walked in the rain which I love and drank amazing tea. From there I can honestly say I was hooked and he wasn't the usual type I would go for, but I kept putting out to the universe that I would find the perfect man for both my daughter and I. I had to be sure I found someone that would take her on as his own and love her as his own.

Well that is exactly who I found. And ironically he didn't even have the app for the dating site on his phone. He actually got an email from the site and he thought his account was deleted.

So from there things built in our relationship and I am still with him to this day.

What I love is how spirit takes care of us. I wanted a way to get to take my Reiki Master Teacher from my mentor. She lives hours away, but not from where my boyfriend is from. So I lucked out and got my way to take the course with the person I originally wanted. She re-attuned me for my Level 1 and 2, as well as taught me my Master Teacher.

Moral of the story, is trust in spirit. Spirit will always guide you and take care of you if you ask for it. Even when I never saw a way, spirit did, and brought my future husband into my life to help me along in my spiritual journey. Since being with him I have had the support and opportunities to flourish and grow within myself.

I know I can help you with the same, so if spirit has guided you here and you are reading this now, message me. Lets talk and see how I can help you!

Happy Healing <3

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