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From The Darkness I Rose

Honestly I've always been this way. As far back as I can remember I was talking to the children others couldn't see or hearing the voices in my head. The constant whispers around me that wouldn't shut up.

The first time I actually realized I was different was when I was sitting in my bedroom hanging out on my bed and I looked over to find my belt that was hanging on a hanger start swinging with force.

Thinking back to all the times weird things happened before that should have been a give away. But when you are so young it doesn't always click.

So as I got older I embraced the darkness I saw, thinking I was getting my power from it.

When I did this I remember seeing so much more, from shadows running through the house to the strange occurances happening.

In the house we lived I remember the garage door would constantly open. This is where a little boy had died from the exhaust of a vehicle. Accident or not he haunted that home. We would unplug everything so the door could no longer open, then BAM! it would be open again. We had a dog at the time that refused to sleep in there. She would rather sleep outside that in the garage where we had cut her a little door to get in and out. But nope. My siblings and I would take our pendulums and crystal necklaces in there to see if we could pick anything up. They would swing in circles like crazy.

Every home we lived in was haunted. It was like we were magnets to it.

Stay tuned for more stories!!

Thanks for reading!

-Shantana Telise

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