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WarriorGoddess Embodiment Program

Are you ready to step into your soul aligned path?

This program includes:

  • 36 spirit activations and processes including:

  • Past life healing

  • MerKaBa activation

  • DNA activations

  • Dark feminine embodiment and more

  • 4 group calls for support and healing.

  • 1 group trans-channel with goddess Athena

  • 1 private zoom call for support

  • A soul alignment blue print to see where you are starting, how you have made progress and where you are in alignment at the end.

  • Group support via slack 

  • You will be taken through her mystery school and at the end into her temple.

How this will change your life:

You become an empowered warrior goddess that is welcomed into the temple of goddess Athena. You will embrace your feminine energies and be able to bring those into the world with confident. You will no longer be in that broken feminine embodiment but a divine feminine embodiment.


This is for you if you feel stuck or trapped in a male dominant world. If you feel like you are worth more but struggle to go any higher.


This is for you if your life looks like:

  • You have job you hate or are miserable at and see no way out.

  • You are stuck in a relationship that is either toxic or unhealthy.

  • You don’t have boundaries and people tend to walk all over you.

  • You keep meeting the same types of people that are not good for you, whether that’s in relationships or in friendships.

  • You want more but don’t know how to get it or where to start.

  • You are a lightworker and you find that you are just drained all the time

  • You have a fire inside you that you want to unleash but are to scared to do it.

The goddess Archetype is all about embracing your power. Not Just saying that you are taking your power back or anything like that, but actually stepping into the archetype. Making the energetic shifts necessary to go from being suppressed or too shy to stepping up to completely being empowered and confident in yourself


In this new society that we are creating, women need to have their power restored. The divine feminine energies are so vital and important to birth a new world. That new birth must begin with you though. You must be willing to look at yourself and step out of the broken feminine energies that humanity has succumbed to. You must be willing to release the traumas that have gone back through your generations and heal the wounds that you are now strong enough to heal.


If you feel a calling to heal that trauma and look within, then you are ready to embrace the goddess archetype and embody it.

We are here to bring the light, bring the nurturing but in order to do that, we must heal the broken pieces that have been taped together. To bring the nurturing components into things, you must first bring the strength and compassion, your inner power. It is through these processes that you will embody your drive and your light. You can’t give what you don’t have. Healing your wounds will not only assist you in stepping up, but allow you to teach new generations to come. This will restore the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

The brokenness of the masculine can be healed through the embodiment of the divine goddess. You are not here to hold a mans hands and walk on egg shells. If you step up into your strength this process will help the masculine do the same in a positive light.


This program is for you if: 

  • You feel called to embody strength and wisdom teachings of goddess Athena.

  • If you are looking to stand out with confidence in your career or light work.

  • If you are ready to embrace an abundant life

  • If you are ready to embrace that inner warrior that doesn’t take anyone’s crap and lives compassion and strength.

  • If you are ready to stand out and meet your soul tribe and have had enough of meeting men that don’t quite resonate or tare you down.

  • If you are ready to embrace your independence and be equal.


By working with Goddess Athena, she will help you shift everything that isn’t for you. Even if you don’t see it yet, your life will change. If you are in a job that you think your are happy in, but its really not for you well she will help transition you out and into what you are meant to be doing. If you are in a toxic relationship that you may not see yet, you will be guided to leave and either be guided to somewhere where you can take the time to heal that is safe or by bringing you someone new. She will do this and it will be for your highest good. It is a trusting process and a willingness to let go and be the warrior Goddess you are meant to be.


My journey with Goddess Athena

I have been working with Goddess Athena for a few years now. At first I was unaware and just focusing on healing myself. My story begins with feeling the guidance to create what can help other lightworkers. I just wanted to help people and could feel it very strongly. I was not that confident though and started out with just doing reiki. Now I thought my life was great, I moved in with my then boyfriend got a better job and all was well. I felt a push from spirit to create a course and I had so much resistance because I didn’t think I could actually do it. Well when things are meant they just happen. My course was created through a comment to someone question in a group. Well then Elemental healing was born. It was at this point that I started taking more action into creating my business and I knew I truly wanted it. It didn’t really take off, but I kept going and little did I know that Goddess Athena was actually the one to help me create this. Moving forward to almost a year later I was getting bummed because nothing was taking off for me but I didn’t stop to consider all of the physical changes in my life.

I was struggling with my weight and I didn’t feel loved in my relationship

I was injured at work so it was a very painful time.

And my business just wasn’t taking off but I was getting by.

As the months kept going I was really struggling and I ended up losing my job because of covid which I knew was a blessing because I was so miserable and hated it.

Spirit came to me one day a few months after that and told me to heal the relationship with my mom so I did and now we are very close.

I ended up having this feeling where I was so miserable in my relationship and stressed because my business still wasn’t taking off and I didn’t feel supported at all until I realized I had to leave. Spirit told me it was time to move on they even told me when to pack and worked everything out so it went so fast. I had to heal things with my mom because that’s where I was meant to go to live. It was a very healing experience and even though it didn’t last long, I am so glad I trusted spirit to line it up. It was in the process of moving to her house that spirit told me I would have a home. So trusting and being open to that I took some time for myself. My daughter had been through a lot and with my moms help we were able to teach her boundaries and her own strength and worth as well. It’s in these moment as a part you realize how much damage has been done and instead of falling apart I rose up to help her. It takes a lot to look at everything and seeing how unhealthy things were and its hard when you miss the good times but it gets easier. I continued to trust spirit and I was guided to the home I am in now and I have been given the opportunity to heal and grow my business and it is now that success is mine and I get to be in my own energy and work with spirit even more now. I trust fully and allow things to come to me. I have learned my worth and lets be real I love my life and now here we are, I get to help and support amazing women to become their most empowered selves. Instead of breaking down and saying look how much I have been through, I trusted and get to be empowered by my experiences because that’s how I needed to shift to get here. I had to allow an entire life that I built go so that I can embody the empowered Goddess that I am.


I live this work and trust so that when you come to me I can help you with an understanding. You are shifting into the life that has been waiting for you. This is your calling. I had so much support when I left and I continue to have support. Now I am here to support you through your life changes.


Click the link to see the pricing plans available to you.

This program will change your life because through working with spirit you will be guided to embody and embrace the version of you that is strong, empowered , compassionate and worthy.

If you are ready to balance and empower your feminine energies this program is for you.

If you feel drawn to Goddess Athena then this program is for you.

In all honesty you should sign up if you are ready to change your life. Why stay stuck in a stagnant or toxic place when you are meant for greatness and to help coming generations be empowered as well.


Click the link to sign up and pick the payment plan that works for you. You may have to fill in your information before it will let you see the payment plans.  There are limited spots available, so sign up now!

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