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Before We Begin the Retreat for Your Soul

 I Have an Invitation for You!



Get the lasting effects of revisiting these channeled messages over and over again!

You get access for free for 7 days, but what happens when you want to rediscover the information, elevate your abilities, and expand your knowledge? Don’t kick yourself later wishing you hadn’t missed out on extended access with its long-term benefits. 

Special Offer: We'll also include the live event replay for free! All you need to do is pay the low fee of $27 with our early bird special—we're practically giving it away!

Get the recorded interviews and live presentations for an extended period beyond the seven days, NOW!


Learn how to channel the divine, heal your past lives to cleanse painful wounds that create new traumas in this life, and master the art of timeline jumping. This powerful technique allows you to quantum leap into a new, healed version of yourself, embodying a fresh reality. Become more abundant, prosperous, and aligned with love. Embrace forgiveness and co-create divine freedom in your life for greater personal fulfillment. Experience the freedom to choose the life you desire. Each speaker brings new channeled messages, ideas, and wisdom to guide you on this transformative journey.

In simple terms, timeline jumping is about shifting your focus and energy to a version of reality where your desired outcomes already exist. Imagine accessing a reality where you are thriving, joyous, and at peace. Where else can you get this transformative experience for the impossibly low price of $27? Join us and discover the secret to unlocking a new, empowered version of yourself today!


  • Increase Intuition & Feel More Connect

  • Develop Greater Mental Strength

  • Improve Health

  • Call in Abundance

  • Co-create Your Experience with the Divine


​Get Extended Access + The Lightcodes of Creation Activations Series!

Elevate your life with our exclusive VIP package! Gain extended access to the Online Retreat and the Lightcodes of Creation Activations Series. This 8-week online home study course includes over 15 activations that upgrade your DNA, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Connect with the celestial version of yourself through third eye activations, helping you receive clear guidance from your spiritual team.

Imagine how much easier life would be if you were upgraded from the inside out, without the struggle of figuring things out on your own. We are practically giving this away! Normally priced at $1,200, today you can receive this and the extended access to the Online Retreat for only $97!

  • Activate Your 3rd Eye

  • Activate the Angelic Realm

  • Activate Soul Star Chakra

  • Activate Your DNA

Bonus Perk: Get a Live Personalized Session! Experience a mini channeling session and receive personalized guidance to help you activate your abilities. Learn how to channel on your own!

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your journey and unlock your highest potential!

Why You Can't Miss This:

  • Extended Access: Revisit channeled messages and live presentations anytime.

  • Exclusive Replay: Access the live event replay at no extra cost.

  • Upgrade Perks: One-on-one channeling session and live mini meditation to learn how to begin your channeling journey with Shantana.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your connection and enhance your spiritual journey.

Click here to purchase and elevate your experience now!

If you are reading this, you know that education and understanding are the fastest ways to get what you want out of life! You may convince yourself it won't work, you are too busy, it's a waste of money, or any other excuse your brain convinces you of to stay complacent because it's familiar. The reality is that this mindset is keeping you stuck. You have to change if you want things to be different.

We are giving you an opportunity to grow into the person who can manifest the life they desire, enjoy the happiness that emanates from you, and explore the depths of your journey in life by connecting with the divine. It's within your reach—you just need to know how!

I call Shantana my living guardian angel. She has helped me in many different situations in my current life and given me so much insight into past lives and generational situations. She has given my family and me such relief from the grief we have felt, guiding us on journeys we've been through. She has even given us pointers on what to look for and embrace in our futures.

It's hard to leave a small review when there is just so much beauty in her gifts and such diversity in all the things she can do and help with. What stands out to me most is her help with my little daughter, who was born with a fear of being alone, abandonment issues, and personal anxiety. There was a time when my partner and I looked at each other and said, “What do we do? How can we help a child that has never experienced any of this in this life? Where does this come from?” Then we were able to connect with Shantana. She has helped our daughter gain miles of confidence, and she is still helping her today.


Shantana immediately saw what was happening in our daughter's sleep, what past things were attached to her, and gave us tools and guidance outside of her work. We were so thrilled with Shantana that I decided to seek her guidance and ask her to use her gifts personally. Shantana woke things I'd buried and refused to look at or deal with. But in a channeling session with Shantana, it came to the surface. She helped me breathe and move through what I was feeling, and after it was said and done, I felt so light, clear-headed, and good about myself. She then told me something big was coming towards me and that I was ready for it! About 10 days later, I was promoted in my line of work.

I was so impressed with Shantana that she is still actively meeting with me whenever I reach out. We were so impressed that we asked her to come to our hometown and join myself and a group of friends for a group channeling session for a 40th birthday party. She came, we did, and it was beautiful. We each received a different positive result from it and all experienced our Zen. But what stands out the most is that the birthday girl experienced an incredible connection with her deceased mother of 15 years and was able to have some unanswerable questions answered. She also received closure at that moment.


Lastly, another friend of ours had been dealing with extreme stomach concerns for quite some time. Without it being her intention for attending, she got to experience her Zen and felt some beauty in her time. Little did she know that after Shantana’s beautiful work, she would be stomach-pain-free after 24 hours and learn that she may have stored stress, past issues, and more in her stomach. The channeling angel through Shantana was aware and was able to help each of us in a way we needed at that time.


If you're looking for someone with a beautiful gift and want to experience some shifts in parts of your life, I highly, highly recommend Shantana! -Noami Moore


My name is Di, I am a psychic-channeller.

I watched Shantana’s training video, she simplified the concepts of light language and made itreally easy to follow and to practice. I was totally blown away as I got heaps more than I expected!Through learning this new technique, I was able to feel the energy in my throat, in my heart, all through my body and my arms started to move in light fluid movements naturally, just as she said in the training video! WOW! I was impressed!

What I really loved about the training class video is the depth of knowledge on the topic of light language Shantana explained the process really well.

After watching the class, I felt confident to try light language a couple of times on my own, I could feel the difference and really let myself go! The sounds came out of my mouth and my arms loved moving around
naturally. This is a huge positive shift gained by participating in Santana's Light Language Class! I recommend joining up for Shantana’s Divine Channelling Academy course, you may even be surprised what comes up for you, what’s been holding you back and what breakthrough moments you will have. It’s been a game changer for
me on so many levels! Di C. Australia

You are here for a reason. What made you sign up, and why do you want to attend? Make that your reason for purchasing this event. It's a limited-time offer that won't come around again.

IMPORTANT: YES! THIS EVENT IS FREE! OUR GIFT TO YOU! Beginning on August 14, 2024, you'll receive access to the pre-recorded interviews. Then, on August 21-22, join us for live presentations and demonstrations on Zoom!

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