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Welcome to the transformative world of Timeline Jumping! Discover the power of shifting your reality and creating a new trajectory for your life with this innovative practice. Timeline jumping is a cutting-edge concept rooted in quantum physics and metaphysical principles, offering a unique approach to personal growth, healing, and manifestation. Through the art of conscious intention and energetic alignment, you can explore infinite possibilities, release old patterns, and step into the highest version of yourself. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, expansion, and empowerment as you learn to navigate multiple timelines and shape your reality with intention. Are you ready to unlock the limitless potential of timeline jumping? Join us and start shaping your destiny today!


My name is Shantana Telise. Among many other things, I am a channeller, psychic and medium, and I am so thrilled you were guided here today!

My whole life I have been very much aware of the gifts that I have, in fact, I was afraid of them. From birth, I have had strong energy and was continually visited by supernatural beings. As a child, I felt that many of my experiences were eerie (i.e. sleepwalking, objects moving, night terrors, trance-like states, etc.)


I have always been aware of my gifts and their impact on my life, but shortly after I had my daughter, I started to actively step into the light and do the healing

work that was the healing work that was necessary to grapple with these experiences and to fully embrace my gifts.

Imagine tapping into your intuitive powers and using them to shape your reality. Manifestation is about more than just positive thinking – it's about aligning your energy and intentions with the universe. Through my work with psychic abilities, I've unveiled unique methods that amplify the manifestation process, allowing you to attract your desires with remarkable efficiency. Enjoy creating the next version of you and embodying your highest self with my free gift to you!

Harness the Magic of Transformation

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