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Client Testimonials

Thank you for reading these testimonials from my wonderful clients! I am committed to working with you on an individual, customized basis to help you achieve your soul's path. Learn more about my journey and my services on my About page.

"I started working with Shantana about 2.5 years ago. When I was introduced to her, (so very grateful, to this day) I was in a very dark and negative place. I didn’t know anything but pain, and that’s where I chose to stay. I fed my pain body like food nourishes, our body. I was holding onto so so much and the thought of letting it all go sounded absolutely amazing, yet absolutely terrifying.

Shantana entered my life as a friend right from the beginning. Never once did I feel pushed or overwhelmed. I will never forget my first conversation with Shantana over the phone. I was sitting in my backyard, getting use to the feeling of being alone. The sun was shining and I was doing everything I could to hold myself together. And my phone rang. We spoke for about an hour. She filled a spot in my heart that had felt so empty, for as long as I could remember. Her voice calmed me to into a state where I was actually able to believe that it was all going to get better. Easier. LIGHTER.

Shantana saw something in me that I didn’t necessarily, completely see in myself. So she kept me close.

Throughout the years I would start our conversation with “I’m sorry for bothering you again” and she would just laugh as she knew she was not only my healer, but my teacher (and strongly growing friend)

What Shantana does, is not something anyone can learn in a class.... 

Shantana was born with a gift that inspires me every single day. It’s funny what we all think we are capable of on our own, until we find out what we can’t do. And that’s where she comes in with the brightest light I’ve ever witnessed.

Are you ready to heal? Are you ready to see a part of yourself you didn’t think existed ? Can you imagine a life of pure control over your emotions and thoughts? What do you want out of life ? —- start working with Shantana, and I, from experience can promise you, any and everything you could ever desire.

From a heart full of divine love and forgiveness to any hurt that has ever come my way, Thank you Shantana for guiding me into a beautiful mindset, a positive outlook on life and a pure and raw heart. You seriously, are my person, and I want to share you with everyone. 

Love you and thank you for everything you do !!"

"It’s not that I was a skeptic, but I’m new. There is a lot that I don’t understand. I’ve had many of questions. There is a lot of literature and concepts that seem and feel very foreign to me because of how I’ve been conditioned. I was introduced to Shantana from a mutual friend. My initial thoughts were “what could she possibly do for me on the other side of the continent." To my friend this was important so it became important enough to me. I decided to reach out to her and that’s when the magic began. Shantana had a way of connecting, answering questions and walking me through her process that was very welcoming. She was patient and understanding and willing to take the time and invest it with me. I did a healing session with Shantana and because of our time difference she was willing to wake up ridiculously early to do her work and accommodate my schedule. Shantana knew nothing about me, my past, memories, trials or traumas. That was something that we had never discussed or that I’ve ever discussed with many. Shantana did a healing session while I was asleep and I woke up to a write up through email. I was absolutely mind blown. She had seen things that she couldn’t possibly see, her words and what she was able to see reassured me that she is so gifted. And I don’t mean that she was able to say some generic things that you would find in a fortune cookie that applies to anyone. But she actually had seen and knew things, maybe not in detail, probably not explicitly but she knew the core and if I’m being honest it was actually uncomfortable at first that a complete stranger has opened a window and seen parts of me that I’ve ran from for some time. With that being said she wasn’t intrusive and when I had questions she was there. The next few days I felt off, she continually checked in on me and had suggestions on what I can do to kind of cut the edge. My emotions were all over the place. In a matter of minutes I had felt every possible emotion any human could feel and of course I had questions because seriously what the hell. She comforted me and assured me it was part of the process and it would pass. On about day 3, I was alive again. Colors were brighter, food tasted better, love was overflowing through me and I felt free. As If that experience wasn’t unreal or hard enough to wrap my head around, she had more. We did a group session and I really can’t explain what I felt, she did some light language and again I have absolutely no understanding of what’s happening, what she’s saying, but I really didn’t need to. I could feel it, I could feel everything like waves. Without any conversation I could feel things coming up, things that I had forgot about, things that I had buried with full intentions to forget. They surfaced and I was revisiting the feelings as if these things were happening again, but it wasn’t the same because I had her, I had the angels, I had everything I needed to face this, to heal. It was surreal the feelings I had and I really can’t describe it but by the end of it all, I was safe, I was happy, I was much lighter. Shantana has this incredible gift that I don’t understand and I don’t think I’m meant to, but I appreciate her gifts and I’m so thankful that she was placed in my life, and it was by no coincidence. The universe knows I need her. She still shocks me, on the worst of days she’ll pop up in my texts and tell me that I’m on her mind so she’s checking in. Exactly when I need her to. Do yourself a favour, give this girl a shot."


"I have had two sessions with Shantana. The first session was very interesting as it was my first time period she did a whole body session and it was incredible period she told me she could see icicles in my abdomen, little did she know I used an insulin pump daily which uses cannula. I realized, but icicles were a resemblance of my injection site, how cool is that?! She kept seeing a red angel, which was my Grandma's favorite color who had passed. Our second session was after I had a very relaxed vacation, so I was interested to see what she could see this time, and this time she saw purple butterflies (my favorite). I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and after her work, my foot no longer hurts. Shantana has also done many card readings, including my family's and every card she pulls is spot on. If you've never had a session of any means by her, I highly recommend her. You will not be sorry and you will continue to go back. She is talented, gifted and I'm forever grateful. Thank you Shantana."


"You helped me see through a lot of hard times, the channeling helped me have something that feels like it's from myself to help me over come and think through situations that I was struggling with. You helped me change my life for the better, I feel amazing after the work you do."


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