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Promotional Period To Send And Promote:
June 7-13, 2024

Thank you for agreeing to be a speaker with The Goddess Evolution! I'm so excited to have you all in my online retreat! I'm thrilled to promote you. Welcome to the Speaker's Center! Please use this area to gather all of your promotional materials.

Inside the Promo Center, you will find promo images, solo email templates, and blurbs for newsletters and social media. Here are the instructions for each section:

One Custom Graphic with Your Photo: These graphics are intended for self-promotion. Let people know you are being interviewed and post them on social media alongside a brief message, including your affiliate link. For example: "Please go here to attend: [Insert your affiliate link]..."

Swipe Copy / Solo Email: Please copy and paste the solo email template provided. Personalize the email by sharing your own experience, and don't forget to include your affiliate link.

Newsletter Blurb Copy: Similarly, include a graphic and personalize the blurb with your affiliate link when incorporating it into your newsletters.

Graphics for Social Media Postings: These graphics are designed for your social media and solo email. Choose your graphic with your photo to promote yourself effectively.

If you have any inquiries about these promotional materials, please feel free to contact me directly at

Thank you once again for your participation!

Affiliate Links

Ahaumna Ahmayah

Anna Kyleah

Anne Deidre

Aria Mathur

Benjamin Bernstein

Blaire Stanislao

Bonnie Serratore

Camille Ganir

Denise Damijo

Di Challenor

Diana Dorell

Dr. Lisa Thomson

Elayne Le Monde

Emma Burton

Erica VanEaton

Gabrielle Spencer

Helena Dellarosa

Hillis Pugh

Isla Fishburn

Itzhak Beery

Jasleni Brito

Jeanette Chasworth

Jessica King

Karen Kartika

Kenji Kumara

Laurie D. Wheeler

Masami  Covey

Nan Akasha

Natasha Thompson

Nicki Hu

Q'orianka Cornejo'oriankaCornejo

Shannon Leischner

Sheila Seppi

Stacy Robinette

Star Wolf

Stephanie Colasacco

Susan Shatzer

Tammi Morrison

The White Raven

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