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The Lightcodes of Creation Activation Series a 2 - Month Intensive 

For those feeling out of touch with their soul path and dissatisfied with their current reality, the Lightcodes of Creation Activation Series offers a transformative journey to align with your true essence and manifest the life you desire.

Do you want to learn how to tap into your inner power? Welcome to the Lightcodes of Creation Activation Series program. Catering to those who are feeling out of alignment on your soul path and are sick of manifesting a life of struggle. Or who want to level up to a life of empowerment.

Taught by Shantana Telise, founder of the Light Codes of Creation Activation Series, a spiritual medium and channel who has dedicated her life to her spiritual path and helping others unlock their gifts.

Her journey was tough; dealing with her own limiting beliefs and blocks, she kept hitting a wall. Through many trials and having to hit rock bottom more than once, she finally surrendered and trusted her spiritual team to help her.

Through this process, she was able to enter a state of love and trust. Knowing that she was being taken care of, her guides brought mentors and opportunities into her life and helped her change and heal her self-concept.

Knowing that she was ready, they brought her the Light Codes of Creation Activation Series so she could help others the same way she received help.

In her words:
I created this activation series because I myself have struggled with my own self concept. I struggled with believing that the life I wanted and truly desired was possible. I kept hitting these roadblocks until I surrendered and allowed my spirit guides to bring me the proper tools and the proper mentors to help me achieve my own success.
 The Light Codes of Creation Activation Series is a culmination of my personal journey, struggles, and profound insights into the transformative power of aligning with our soul's path. 

Determined to not give up and give into a life that I know I didn't want, I embarked on a deep exploration of healing, releasing limiting beliefs, and reshaping my self-concept. This journey taught me the crucial balance needed between these elements. Healing is essential, but without addressing limiting beliefs and understanding our true self-concept, we may find ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns.Through introspection and guidance from the spiritual realm, I uncovered the power of clarity in what I truly desired in life. I learned that when we align ourselves with our soul's purpose and desires, everything begins to fall into place. This journey wasn't just about healing; it was about creating a life rooted in soul alignment, where every action and decision resonates with our true essence.

The Light Codes of Creation Activation Series is my way of sharing these profound insights and tools with others. It's a transformative journey that empowers individuals to release limitations, embrace their gifts, and step into their most empowered selves. By aligning with our soul's path, we unlock the ability to manifest abundance, joy, and fulfillment effortlessly.

We embody the concept of we create who we are and what we wish to experience. We are powerful beings and the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. 

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Welcome to the transformative journey of the Light Codes of Creation Activation Series! I'm Shantana Telise, your guide on this empowering adventure to unlock your inner potential and manifest your desired reality.

In this 8-week program, we'll dive deep into self-discovery and empowerment. Each week, you'll receive powerful activations and teachings customized to release limiting beliefs, strengthen your intuition, and awaken your innate gifts. These sessions are designed to help you align with your highest potential, manifest abundance, and experience true joy and fulfillment.

But it doesn't stop there. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with me personally through four 1:1 calls. These calls offer a personalized space for you to explore your spiritual journey, clarify your goals, and receive guidance on manifesting your dreams.

By the end of the Light Codes of Creation Activation Series, you'll have the tools, knowledge, and mindset to step into your most empowered self. You'll develop a deeper connection with your intuition, let go of limiting beliefs, and activate your innate gifts to create a life of abundance and joy.

Are you ready to embark on this life-changing journey with me? Join the Light Codes of Creation Activation Series and start living in alignment with your highest purpose. Together, we'll unlock the power within you to manifest your dreams and live a life of fulfillment.

Top 7 Things You Will Gain

Explore and understand your inner world like never before, uncovering hidden strengths, passions, and desires.

Learning to shift and change your self concept so the life you are desiring doesn't feel out of reach.

Learn how to jump timelines and shift into new realities where things work out easily for you.

Clarity on who you are right now so you can get clear on who you are creating. 

Tap into your own personal power and unleash it to create the version of you that has the space to hold the life you desire.

Experience deep healing on emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels, allowing you to release past traumas and embrace a new sense of wholeness.

The understanding of when you are in soul alignment things will work different for you. You won't be pushing and forcing. You will understand that the right people and opportunities will be brought into your life to help you get into that soul aligned space. 

Within this course, you will learn how to practically apply spiritual methods to:

  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  2. Clarity of Self and Purpose

  3. Enhanced Intuition and Inner Guidance

  4. Improved Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

  5. Greater Emotional Balance and Resilience

  6. Manifestation of Desired Goals and Dreams

  7. Deeper Spiritual Connection and Inner Peace

  8. Pinpoint when something is in alignment with you or not

  9. Cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance.

  10. Transform limiting beliefs and habits to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.


Kelsie Stewart

Just thought I’d share a little bit about Shantana and how great of a person she is and how many great gifts she holds …. Shantana is one of my dearest friends … she has helped me to find my inner strength and to use my gifts .. she has given the shove when I needed it the most . If ever I have a problem she is the first person I call becasue not only does she think level headed she has spot on intuition that has not been wrong ! She has helped me with many situations from house cleansing (and I lived in a creepy house ) to guidance for myself and my daughter …. When Shantana thinks she can’t do something she always proves herself and me wrong and does it even better than she thought ! I can’t share much about this as it’s not mine to share but she really helped my sister out with an issue that had been bothering her … shantana stated it was something that she didn’t do but she would try and of course she hit the hammer right on the head and amazed my sister and left her without anymore yearning questions …. There are so many stories I could share but I would be writing all day ! I just wanted to share how much I love and appreciate her special gifts that has helped me and my family in so many different ways and how dear she is to my heart … and if you have any issues or any questions you need help with this is your girl !


Wow, an AMAZING Experience! I have done several different types of energy healing over the years but Shantana is different, the warmth and healing connection I felt is unexplainable to anything I have experienced before. This girl is not just someone that took an energy healing course; she totally has a natural gift, and is committed to building on it in order to help you heal at your own pace with our own method of healing as some of us peel like an onion and some of us want to get right to the core.

I love that at different times, I have needed different energy techniques (Reiki, Channelling, Light Language) depending on where I was at and what the healing was for and Shantana just seemed to know which one to use, she just has that intuitive energy connection.  I strongly suggest that if you are open to energy work in any way, try Shantana you will love her! 

Sign up now for our upcoming program starting on May 16, 2024

Each week videos will be released for you to watch and work on and you will get to book 4 1:1 calls with me during the program 

Date: May 16, 2024 

Time: Weekly pre-recorded teachings and activation and 4 1:1 calls with Shantana.

Location: Zoom 

Pre-recorded Classes; 

Have questions or want to see if this course is right for you? Schedule a free 20-minute call with Shantana to find out! Book your call here: 

Or Email me at:

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