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Helena Dellarosa, the visionary healer behind Heart Wisdom Healing, has emerged from a profound personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Life for Helena was once a challenging marathon, with the weight of two jobs, a disarrayed love life, and a backdrop of family trauma. Amidst the chaos, teasing about her Scottish accent and occasional mistreatment by teachers added to her struggles. The turning point arrived when Helena stumbled upon energy healing, specifically the MAP modality, recommended by someone who saw her potential.

This discovery marked the beginning of Helena's path to happiness, as the overwhelming chaos in her life began to dissipate. Deepening her exploration of energy healing, she experienced a breakthrough when her heart chakra burst wide open during an attunement—a moment of instant wisdom that birthed Heart Wisdom. Helena's journey unfolded as she became a healer, using her newfound insights to guide others on their healing journeys. Specializing in opening hearts to higher-self wisdom, tapping into profound intuition, and clearing negative memories, Helena empowers people to break free from silence, playing it small and timidity! When the heart heals the throat people can speak their manifestation into being-manifest their truest desires. Her approach extends beyond symptom relief, offering clarity, happiness, and the discovery of passion and purpose. Helena can help you find the resilience of your spirit.

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