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Nan Akasha, Spiritual Mentor, Shamanic Guide and Sacred Feminine Mystery Teacher is a visionary who has traveled dimensions for 36 years and embodies the akasha.
A 5th Level Melchizedek Master and 3x Egyptian Mystery School Initiate, Akasha is a shamanically trained healer in Lakota Sioux and Mayan traditions.
Since living with the Maya she has received 8 Jaguar Vision Medicine Woman initiations and has the "uncanny ability to see right to the core of your challenge" and into your spirit body.
As a Master LightBody Healer, Hypnotherapist and Homeopath, she is able to travel, see, sense and move energy through time, space and dimensions to create soul healing through all lives.
Founder of the Mystery School of Sacred Feminine Arts, Intuition Awakening and LightBody Healing and live Sacred Soul Awakening retreats around the world, Akasha is a Wisdom Keeper and clear spirit guide, animal and dolphin communicator.
As a conduit for the magical realms and an oracle for The Timeless Prosperity Grandmother Dream Weavers, her clients she is a “heart chakra with legs” and "miraculous oracle". Living on the beach with her Soulmate in the Yucatan she bathes you in love and joy and opens you to your inner truth, power, purpose and path.
Author of 7 bestselling books and hundreds of online programs, Akasha is called a "Fairy Godmother" and “like Abraham Hicks on steroids” by her students

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