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Laurie D. Wheeler is a transformational holistic practitioner and a catalyst for self-mastery for 30 years. Her work carries a multidimensional healing vibration that ignites deep shifts in consciousness, expanded awareness and recognition of a persons true nature and soul's purpose. As a Starseed, receptor and translator of energy Laurie works with several modalities of energy, Homeopathy, soul regression, medical intuition, Photonic Quantum DNA recalibration and speaks Light Language.

Her Soul is an aspect of a collective and multidimensional lineage, who offer her guidance and wisdom for her clients. She channels many InterDimensionals, Yeshua since 5 years of age, The Collective Goddesses, Arcturian Commander, Egyptian deities and the Sphinx, The Emissaries of Light and The Power of 12 Angelics. She has authored the book Oh, No! Not Another Learning Experience - a metamorphosis and brings people on sacred retreats to place such as Glastonbury, Southern France, Mt. Shasta, Peru, Hawaii and Egypt.

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