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Kenji Kumara, a Japanese-American born in Berkeley, CA, serves as a quantum activator, shift agent and mentor for starseeds and Indigos whose path is embodied enlightenment, conscious ascension and self mastery. He has been serving globally since 2007 to healing arts facilitators, way-showers, thought leaders and solopreneurs through retreats, session work, online events, sacred hikes, mastery programs and pre-recorded programs.
Kenji teaches through simplicity, practicality, and sacred space for those that are ready for full spiritual embodiment. He works with the council of 14, the angetics , ascended masters, the comedy team, and the spirit of new earth beyond the old earth matrix and construct of limitations.
He is known for his "spontaneous activations" and mentorships. He has a private practice in Sedona, AZ for those on the path of initiation and the new earth millennials.

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