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Karen Kartika is a transformative and healing coach who helps high-achievers develop emotional intelligence and resilience. Her international experience and diversified skill set provide Karen with a unique perspective on coaching, customized to her clients' needs, especially highly sensitive individuals.

Karen inspires creatives, healers, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople to find their inner spark (aliveness), confidence, and authenticity. She uses mindset coaching, metaphysical practices, and holistic healing methods to help her clients overcome limiting beliefs and create the life they want while building a resilient core to thrive in all kinds of situations in life.

Karen is distinguished by her ability to quickly understand her clients' shadows, saboteurs, past life stories, and karmic attachments. Building loving relationships with all parts of oneself is at the center of Karen's coaching, enabling individuals to attract genuine connections with others and thrive as leaders.

With a background in divination and metaphysics, Karen provides tarot, oracle, and astrological readings. She frequently leads pop-up classes in meditation and breathwork.

Karen is committed to making a difference, utilizing her diverse skills to assist individuals in realizing their full potential. If you’re looking to explore, grow, and empower yourself, let Karen show you how. What you desire is possible. Who you are matters. Let’s discover your inner spark, grow your confidence, and create the authentic life you want, all while leading others to do the same.

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