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Dr Isla Fishburn is an intuitive interspecies communicator where she channels and communes with soul/spirit consciousness of individuals, collectives, nature, elements, beings from higher realms and pets as well as channelling light language. She is a canine wellness intuitive, zoologist and has a PhD in conservation biology. She is a shamanic practitioner and space holder of sacred ceremonies where she invites people to blend the seen with the unseen and enter this space of soul/spirit communion with all of life. She has recently published her first book, Tunkasila's Teachings: Wisdom from the Canine Soul, Medicine for the Human Heart. Her second book, which is a medicine story will be released in June and is called How the Canine People Helped the Humans Return to Ceremony." In her channelled communions she regularly receives the message of "Return to Ceremony," which is what we are being asked to do and what Isla offers through her various teachings. Her business is called Kachina Canine where she explores soul consciousness, healing, ceremonies, channelling and communion between canine guardians and their canine friends.

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