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Denise Damijo is a seer and Shaman who started her journey of seeing when she was 5 and started learning about elemental healing when she was 6. Denise was initiated into the Qero tribe who are Peruvian people who practice energy healing as their medicine. She is the creator and host of The Healer's Realm Podcast, and co-cohost of The Spirit Walk Podcast, where people are given applicable tools and understanding to be guided in their own spiritual, healing, and wellness journey. Denise is a full-time grad student on the journey to ultimately obtain her Ph.D. in Mind, Body, and Medicine, specializing in Psychophysiology and Contemplative End of End-Of-Life Care, as well as having a certificate in Integrative Wellness Coaching. She is a world traveler, skilled energy healer, activator, master transmuter, and speaker who leads powerful guided Shamanic meditations and journeys. She also educates people on health and wellness so they can integrate Shamanic practices, mind-body, medicine techniques, and complementary medicines into their holistic wellness journey. Denise's specialization is spiritual bloodlines helping people become more conscious and present in daily life, realizing, and developing their spiritual giftings, and perfectly aligning with their life purpose. Connect, like, and subscribe to her on Facebook and join her email list.

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