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1 session per week for 8 weeks (8 sessions)

Unit 1: Energetic boundaries

Unit 2: Earth Element

Unit 3: Water Element

Unit 4: Fire Element

Unit 5: Air Element

Unit 6: Spirit Element

Unit 7: 5 Elements (Personality types)

Unit 8: Chakras

In this course, you will learn

-How to work with the elements

-How to ground and take care of your energy

-You will receive healings channelled from each element and more.

Do you feel like you have lightworker capabilities but are not sure of where to start?

Have you always been drawn to the elements in the surrounding world?

Then Elemental Healing is for you. Learn how to use the energies of the elements to heal and protect your own energy field. You will learn how to ground, transmute energies, set healthy boundaries and so much more.

In this 8-week group course, you will receive a workbook along with weekly informational videos, private group support, energetic healing to strengthen your boundaries, removal of old programming, encoding of new programs into your cells, emotional alchemy with meditation and healing, healing from each element, sacral breath practice, and Chakra clearings; alignments.

Now is the time to take full ownership of your lightworker destiny and truly connect to your soul through elemental healing.

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