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Karen Kartika: Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Channeling Messages & Self-healing - 1hr workshop

Bonnie: Here is the video that is related to past lives:

It's a free energy clearing


Nan Akasha 

Here’s the new free gift.Tap into your Soul lineage powers, reconnect to your Soul family and reawaken Sacred Earth Magic!
Free Online Masterclass with Akasha "Ancient Mysteries of Magical Manifestation" + Instant Video “Divine Alchemy Journey" with MerlinLink to Free gifts:



Blaire: Paid offer:


Laurie D. Wheeler: Create New Beginnings to Change YOUR History — WELLNESSWITHIN


Nicki Hu:


The White Raven: Paid offer:




Benjamin Berstien: Paid Offer:


Erica VanEaton:


Gabrielle Spencer:


Di Challenor:


Susan Shatzer:


Hillis Pugh:


Diana Dorell: Paid Offer:


Jeanette Chasworth: Paid Offer:


Elayne Lemond:


Isla Fishburn: Paid offer:


Kenji Kumara:


Anne Deidre: Paid Offer:!/30-Minute-Intuitive-Reading/p/29436583/category=6917253


Star Wolf :


Aria Mathur:


Masami Covey:

Friday June 21, 2024 Live Presentation Event 11-5:00pm PST. 

11:00am - Shantana - Opening 

11:30am - Blaire Stanislao - Sustaining Your Channel to Open, Heal & Shift Into a New Timeline

12:00pm -Laurie D. Wheeler - Wisdom from the InterDimensionals

12:30pm - Nicki Hu - 5D - manifestation

1:00pm - The White Raven - Transforming Your Relationships

1:30pm -Q'orianka Cornejo -  Embodying the Medicine Woman & Change

2:00pm - Benjamin Bernstein - Fast and Easy Awakening and Healing with Benjamin Bernstein

2:30pm - Erica VanEaton - Conscious channeling and how it’s changing

3:00pm - Gabrielle Spencer - Million $$ Momma: Love Yourself First to Flourish

3:30pm - Di Challenor - A Glimpse into Future: Channelled Group Insights & Messages

4:00pm - Susan Shatzer D.U.M.P. Your Junk In June, Drop Unwanted Memory Pain

4:30pm - Masami Covey - Move Your Fascia, Heal your life 

5:00pm - Shantana - Closing

Saturday June 22, 2024 Live Presentation Event 9:30am to 4pm PST.

9:30am - Shantana - Opening

10:00am - Hillis Pugh - Understanding the Hue-Man Soul

10:30am - Karen Kartika - Shamanic Journey to the South. Discovering the part of your soul that needs healing, ready for growth and authenticity and how to find the remedy.

11:00am - Diana Dorell - 5 Secrets to Magnetize Like a Goddess

11:30am - Jeannette Chasworth - The HAPPY Home Audit 

12:00pm - Elayne Le Monde - Embodyment codes

12:30pm - Isla Fishburn - Channelling Interspecies Consciousness

1:00pm - Kenji Kumara - Ascension, Knowing & Realization

1:30pm - Anne Deidre - Past Lives Through the Chakras 

2:00pm - Bonnie Serratore - Carryover from Past Lives

2:30pm - Star Wolf - Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony 

3:00pm - Aria Mathur - Living Decentralized: a Novel Practical Path to Wholeness.

3:30pm - Nan Akasha -  Morgan le Fey, Fairy Queen Goddess of Ancient Avalon: Reawaken Your Ancient Soul Lineages Powers

4:00pm - Shantana - Closing 



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