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Channelled Healing sessions


1 hr

In these sessions we will:

- Clear out negative programming and energy

- Cutting cords to any attachments that no longer serve you

- Integrate positive programming into your cells

- Bring in high vibrational energy

- Channelled healing with your spiritual team

- Balancing and realigning chakras

- Strengthening your auric field 

In a Channelled session, I will connect with your Spiritual Team and Archangels. They work closely with me to determine the healing necessary for each session. We will walk through each chakra removing any programs or beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good. These programs can be about any aspect of your life ,

(I.e. money, relationships, spirituality, work, etc.) or from a past life, or ancestral and karmic ties. Everything related to that program will be released from each of your individual cells and energy field.  If the these belief systems are entangled into your core, you may need multiple sessions before all fragments are released. Check out the channeled packages for multiple session bundles.

I require a photo of you as well as your full name.

(If the session is long-distance I require a photo of you and your full name. Otherwise, sessions can be held over zoom.)

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