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Business Manifestation Program

Are you a business owner struggling with energy blocks, contract constraints, and financial frustrations? Your journey to entrepreneurial empowerment begins here! Welcome to our transformative 9- week Energy Upgrade Program designed exclusively for you.


Your Journey to Success Starts Here

It's time to break free from the chains that have held you back from the business and life you've envisioned. Here's how our program addresses your pain points and supercharges your path to prosperity:


🌟 Say Goodbye to Energy Blocks:

Do you often feel drained, uninspired, or overwhelmed by the demands of running your business? Our program will teach you how to upgrade your energy, reclaim your vitality, and shine with newfound vibrancy.


💼 Unlock the World of Business Contracts:

Financial and contractual knots holding you back? We'll guide you through the process of unraveling limiting agreements, helping you make room for lucrative opportunities and unhindered business growth.


🌌 Manifest Your Desires:

The law of attraction remains a mystery no more! Learn the secrets of conscious manifestation and leverage meditation to bring your desires to life.


💰 Money Work & Abundance:

Kiss financial worries goodbye as you cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with money. Gain practical skills for attracting wealth while maintaining financial harmony.


💡 Embrace Authenticity:

Discover the power of showing up authentically in your business. Uncover the transformative impact of transparency as you deepen connections with your audience.


🚀 Raise Your Vibration:

Elevate your energetic frequency and witness the world around you respond to your newfound positivity. Your heightened vibration will naturally attract abundance and success.


🌈 Embrace Soul-Aligned Business:

Shift from profit-driven ventures to soul-aligned enterprises that resonate with your purpose. This transformation will set your business on a path to thrive like never before.


🔮 MerKaBa Activation:

Explore the profound MerKaBa geometry, and learn how to harness its power to harmonize your energy and consciousness for business and life success.


Program Highlights:​

  • Guided Meditations: Dive into a collection of meditations and energy healings designed to clear your energy, enhance manifestation, and boost abundance.

  • Practical Tools: Equip yourself with practical techniques and resources that can be instantly applied to upgrade your business energy.


Unlock the Doors to Your Prosperous Future


Are you ready to revolutionize your business and your life?

Bid farewell to energy blocks, disempowering contracts, and outdated business models. Say hello to prosperity, purpose, and authentic success!

This program was meticulously designed to address your pain points and guide you towards a remarkable transformation. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Sign up today and start your journey toward becoming the empowered business owner you were destined to be. Your success story begins here!

(Monthly group calls will be held over zoom) 

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